The beauty that lies in the hair comes in various forms. You can adopt different looks and appearances by simply changing your hairstyle. You can appear in various beautiful forms depending on the type of hairstyle that you have adopted. It is thus unimaginable when you do not have hair or hair is the primary cause of the look that you do not have.

However, do not worry; you can have your hair defects corrected especially if your problem with hair is not having some. Hair restoration is about getting your hair restored to the original form that is pleasing after some damage or hair loss. You can restore your hair and have the privilege of adopting various forms of beauty. Hair restoration is thus the process of improving your hair condition by creating hair in your head. It involves procedures such as hair transplant.

Restoring the hair

You can restore your hair through a surgical procedure referred to as a hair transplant. One of the challenges of hair deformities is the nonuniform distribution of hair whereby some areas have hair while others do not. Evenly distributed hair always looks good and desirable. The gaps such as at the front of the head or the back of the head causing baldness to harm the general appearance of the person. Hair transplant enables the removal of hair from regions that are densely covered with hair to regions that need hair in a way that growth of hair in these regions is enabled.

Who hair transplant is done

One of the forms of hair transplant is the follicular unit extraction also referred to as the fue hair transplant. The procedure involves shaving the back of the scalp where the hair is to be acquired. The hair follicles will then be removed from the area. This process is delicate and involves the removal of the follicles one by one. Once the hair follicles have been removed, expect the area to heal with small dots within the scalps. However, after a fue hair transplant, the growing hair will cover the dots. You do not have to worry about how you will look.

The area where the follicles will go is cleaned after which holes are made for the follicles to be inserted. At this time, the grafts will be prepared which will be delicately placed in areas that have been cut with the scalpels to create the holes. Each graft will be placed at the respective hole within the scalp. This process is delicate and time-consuming. You may have a team of doctors working on your head at the same time to ensure there is accuracy and for the procedure to take the least time possible.

There is no specific timing within which the procedure will take. It largely relies on the size of the area to be covered. However, you should expect the procedure to take between 4 and 8 hours depending also on the number of doctors that are working on the head.

What you should expect after the procedure

You may feel tender on your scalp after the procedure and your doctor may prescribe painkillers to reduce the pain that comes with the procedure. Your head will then be bandaged for around 1 and 2 days and you may need to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds to prevent bacterial infections and swelling respectively. Afterward, after three days you should be able to restore your normal schedule and wait for the hair to grow naturally. However, before the hair grows, the transplanted hair will fall out within 2 or 3 weeks then fresh hair will grow.

When the hair will have grown, you should be able to adopt various styles that you have imagined. Whichever causes of hair fall that would have resulted in your hair loss can be treated by hair loss treatment in Bexley OH. You can simply search for a hair transplant near me for laser hair treatment or other forms of transplant that would recover the hair. With a search on hair treatment near me, you can get the hair loss treatment in Bexley OH with various hair solutions ranging from fue hair transplant and laser hair treatment.