It’s no secret that many men as they age start to have difficulties with keeping an erection, an occasional problem is normal and can be seen in men at any age but when it develops to be a consistent issue, then it will be diagnosed as erectile dysfunction. Most treatments out in the ED field just target the symptoms and leave you needing treatments again later because the cause hasn’t been solved.

Luckily a majority of ED cases, approximately 80%, are caused by a lack of proper blood flow. The SPARC Center is a medical center specializing in the P-Shot that not only tackles ED’s symptoms but also the root cause. By being a trusted male enhancement doctor in Columbus Ohio,Dr. Neuwirth provides quality service and experience to give the best results for you.


What Is The P-Shot?

The Priapus Shot, or also known as the P-shot, is based on PRP Therapy or Platelet-Rich Plasma
Therapy. Platelets are a useful natural part of your body that is used in healing your body, with the proper technique it can be used to improve the function and condition of the penis.

Platelets are collected directly from your blood by isolating the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of your blood, such as the white and red blood cells. The concentrated platelets are then reinjected directly to the target area to treat it. From there, the platelet’s proteins and growth factors work to stimulate new cells and regenerate them in the target area.  


What Can It Do For My ED?

Since the P-shot uses your own body’s natural healing ability it has the benefit of being all-natural and having a minimal amount of downtime. This treatment is completely non-surgical and drug-free while still being effective.

The P-shot can benefit you in many ways including:

  • Fast results
  • Fast and relatively painless treatment
  • Improvement in curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease
  • Reduced pain from erection
  • Increased blood flow
  • Greater sensitivity
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Easier to achieve and maintain erections
  • Lowered chance of premature ejaculations
  • Stronger, firmer erections


How long does the P-Shot last and is there any downtime?

The P-shot has a great track record of lasting for quite a long time. The effects can last up to 2 years, with many men deciding to come back for a second treatment to boost the benefits and get the most out of the P-shot. If a second shot is performed it’s recommended to be administered about 3 months after their first one. Other than this there is very little downtime, it’s only recommended to rest for two days at most after the procedure.


Am I The Right Candidate For The P-Shot?

Ultimately your doctor will determine if it’s a good fit for you because it is all-natural and many more men can use it compared to other treatments. Men both on and off testosterone replacement treatments, people with diabetes, and anyone of any age can see the benefit from the P-Shot.

P-shot is a perfect fit for men experiencing:

  • Decreased pleasure and sensation?
  • Inability to achieving a firm erection
  • Difficulty maintaining firmness
  • A new curve in your penis formed from Peyronie’s disease


Conquer Your ED Symptoms at a Trusted ED Medical Center in Columbus Ohio/b>

By taking advantage of the P-shot treatment you can progress to fighting off not only the uncomfortable symptoms of ED but also the cause. The SPARC Center is ready to work with you and give you a personalized professional treatment to get the best results for you. Regain your sex life and sexual confidence by talking to our professionals today!