Erectile dysfunction can affect many middle-aged men looking for ways to improve their relationship with their partners. Among the treatment methods available for the condition, GAINSWave has been shown to be the most effective. You may be deciding between this and traditional surgery, but we will highlight the benefits of GAINSWave treatment and how it can help you. The Sparc Center is the leading men’s health and performance medical center for erectile dysfunction serving clients in Bexley, Columbus, and surrounding areas in Ohio.We work with our long-standing patients to deliver the best results possible and want to help both men and women enjoy the best of themselves. Our doctors specialize in ED treatments. To book an appointment, call us now at 614-453-5142. Now we will go over the benefits of GAINSWave treatment, how it works, and why you should choose Sparc to help you deal with erectile dysfunction.   

Does GAINSWave Work?

Yes, to put it quite simply. GAINWave treatment uses pulsed acoustic waves to break-up loaded plaque in your penis to allow more blood to flow through it. This in turn leads to stronger and better erections. A special gel is applied to the targeted area and we use the most innovative wand equipment to deliver the acoustic waves.   GAINSWave treatment stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and tissue in the penis. By breaking up the plaque clogging the vessels, you will achieve a better erection on a more consistent basis. So does GAINSWave work? We can say yes.    

What are the Benefits of GAINSWave Treatment?  

GAINSWave therapy treatment has many benefits you can take advantage of, compared to the limitations of surgery and drug prescriptions. With conventional surgery, you may put yourself at risk for complications or side effects that can hinder your health. Moreover, there are no promises of good results in the end. By undergoing GAINSWave treatment, you open yourself to fewer risks because the procedure is non-invasive. Aside from a slight tingling sensation or itchiness, there have been virtually no reports of side effects. It is also a more viable ED treatment option than prescriptions such as Viagra and Cialis, which carry their risks with repeated usage. Men will also start seeing results in six to twelve GAINSWave sessions and there is no downtime afterward. Overall, the process for GAINSWave therapy is quick and easy with a relatively fast recovery time. A session can last between 15-20 minutes in the hands of our trusted professionals. It is a suitable alternative to invasive surgery and a more convenient treatment than prescription drugs.    

Why The Sparc Center is The Right Choice for GAINSWave

At the Sparc Center, we only use FDA approved equipment for our procedures and take your safety very seriously in all our endeavors. Our innovative methods and exceptional equipment will be able to help you overcome the conditions of ED. Our doctors are highly experienced and considerate of each patient’s needs, providing only the best service. We will work with you to deliver the most ideal results in a comforting manner.  

Turn to a Leading Erectile Dysfunction Medical Center 

The Sparc Center offers men excellent health treatments for men dealing with erectile dysfunction or hair loss. Among our services is GAINSWave therapy treatment, which provides men with an easier time dealing with ED conditions. If you would like to schedule an appointment and learn more about GAINSWave, contact us at 614-453-5142 or email us can also send us your thoughts, questions, or concerns through ourcontact form as well.