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Erectile Dysfunction

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About SPARC Center – Mens Clinic Columbus Ohio

We’re the leading health performance and rejuvenation clinic for men in Columbus, Ohio, providing innovative therapy for erectile dysfunction. The SPARC Center men’s health clinic offers the best possible results by building long-term relationships with our patients. Our men’s practice near you was created to help men looking to get the most out of their performance—in the bedroom and in life. Let us help you find your SPARC!

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Our team at the SPARC Center is made of medical professionals with many years of experience in their fields.

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Your customized treatment plan is tailored to your unique needs. See lasting results in just 20 minutes.


We can improve your sexual health with natural solutions that are completely free of drugs, needles, and surgery.


At The Sparc Center, we believe in taking a holistic approach to men’s health. we offer advanced sexual health and wellness treatments to get you feeling your best.

Erectile Dysfunction

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re having issues getting and sustaining an erection….

Peyronie Disease

The treatments that our doctors can offer men with Peyronie’s disease include an ellipsis breaking…


The Priapus Shot or P Shot procedure is a quick, usually painless, 20-minute, say non-surgical procedure an ellipsis.

Clinical Research

Safe and effective drug-free treatments, surgery-free, totally non-invasive, performed in-office…


The SPARC Center in Columbus, Ohio, is a leading health performance and rejuvenation center for men, providing innovative therapies for men’s sexual wellness.

We offer the best possible results by building long-term, discreet relationships with our patients. We are a team of medical professionals dedicated to helping men enhance their sexual performance — and all aspects of their lives.

Based near downtown Columbus, we provide some of the most innovative performance and rejuvenation treatments available anywhere in the country.
We specialize in helping men improve their sexual health and well-being by addressing issues related to:

Improved sexual performance, enhanced sensitivity, relief from symptoms of ED, & Peyronie’s Disease

When it comes to male sexual disorders, we usually hesitate to discuss them publicly. Sexual ailments are common due to our unhealthy approach to life. We took an easy approach to doing things and disturbing our sexual health. In this busy schedule of life, we usually lack to maintain our sexual health. Well, it is frustrating to have sexual ailments such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. We at Sparc Center help individuals to achieve their sexual desires. We provide the best treatments for sex-oriented disorders at mens clinics columbus ohio.

Erectile dysfunction is an underlying physical condition. Men are not able to achieve or hold an erection for performing sexual activities with their partners. It is common to get sexual disorders as we age, but any man of any age group can face these underlying physical conditions. There are numerous ways of treating erectile dysfunction (ED). But at Sparc Center, we prefer some of the prompt ways of treating ED. 

Aside from penile implant and lifestyle changes, techniques such as medications and injunctions represent on-demand treatment options for sexual illnesses. Shockwave therapy can be the best option among them all. Inadequate blood supply to the penis is one of the common causes of these underlying conditions. Shockwave therapy is the best cure for erectile dysfunction, as many specialists believe that it can help by increasing blood supply to the penis. Eventually, men can achieve and hold a firm erection during sexual intercourse. For many years, we have been trying to help men to achieve all their sexual desires. We have a highly skilled medical team at our sexual wellness clinic for men. Come to experienced ones!

 Increase your confidence, enjoy intimate relationships, and live the life you deserve.

A Drug Free Approach To Improve Intimate Wellness

Considering that the USA was one of the top countries across the globe in ancient times in subjects concerning sexual enlightenment, it seems a bit strange that we still face so many doubts while talking about the emergence of sexual awareness and sexual wellness...

Underlying men’s sexual health condition; Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the failure to gain and maintain an erection stiff enough for sex. Struggling with an erection problem from time to time isn't significantly a cause for concern until erectile dysfunction becomes an ongoing issue. It can cause...

Curing Peyronie Disease With Gainswave Columbus Ohio

What is Peyronie’s disease? It is a penis issue that happens due to scar tissue, known as plaque. Plaque is produced inside the penis. Rather than an erect or straight penis, Peyronie’s disease produces a bent to the penis. Men who are suffering from this underlying...

What To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

One of the key factors which can influence the minds and lives of couples is having safe and successful sexual intercourse. However, one of the most common and notable challenges faced towards ensuring that it has been a medical condition is called Erectile...

GAINSWAVE vs Surgery: Which is a Better ED Treatment? | Erectile Dysfunction Medical Center

Erectile dysfunction can affect many middle-aged men looking for ways to improve their relationship with their partners. Among the treatment methods available for the condition, GAINSWave has been shown to be the most effective. You may be deciding between this and...

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