how does the p-shot work

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)or P shot appears like a buzzword in the beauty and aesthetics industries from the last dacked. From alopecia and facial wrinkles to muscle and joint injuries. With its restorative and regenerative characteristics, it is being used to tackle everything. One of the more modest applications for P shot involves injecting PRP into the penis to recover sexual function for sufferers with or without erectile dysfunction.


What Is P-Shot?

The P-Shot is an injection of platelet-rich plasma into the penis to boost sexual function. P-Shot serves for stimulation, vitality, and making you have harder erections. PRP is used for rejuvenation by enhancing the healing process and also stimulates growth factors. These growth factors are accountable for promoting the repair process and collagen production. You desire to improve erectile function and get healthier. It is why you are feeding it the PRP nutrients.
While the P-Shot rose to fame in its beginning stage to be used as erectile dysfunction treatment, it attracts numerous men in general. The majority of the patients who are inclined to opt for P shot therapy are younger and want to have a better sex life. They desire to aid the penis by providing nutrients to it to maintain it healthy. It is like a similar thing as they manage the muscles of their body.
One of the most well-known versions of the treatment is the Priapus Shot. It is named after the name of the Greek god of vitality. Although the procedure is becoming an increasingly common treatment alternative, there is a shortage of research into the use of PRP for men’s sexual health. Yet, the beneficial characteristics of the treatment outshine this lack of research. Several men who opt for the procedure reported an immediate improvement in their sexual function. They confirm that they were able to see erections the very next morning following their therapy session. So let us dig deep into the topic and find out what P shot is, how it works, and why it is recommended by doctors these days.

Why is it recommended by doctors?

Before getting into its benefits, let us understand the problem first. Yes, we are talking about the greatest sexual health concern in men, “erectile dysfunction.”
The more men across the world get to know about erectile dysfunction, the more they will understand the best way to get over it. Men enduring erectile dysfunction do not like to talk about it. But if you are experiencing ED, we assure you that you are not alone. Approximately 60% of men between 40-80 years of age have trouble obtaining or keeping an erection.

A lot of men are under the wrong hypothesis that ED is a psychological or emotional problem. Well, if you also think so, then let us clear it with you. ED is a physical infirmity whose fundamental reason is an inadequate blood flow to the vessels in the penis accountable for gaining and keeping an erection.

Men’s sexual health has received a monstrous leap ahead with the latest cutting-edge treatment. Sparc Center is proud to present you to the P Shot. Enthusiasm for this revolutionary mode of treatment for erectile dysfunction is off the charts. We are confident that once you understand just how profitable it can be, you’ll desire to undergo all the goods for yourself.

More and more specialists are prescribing p shot therapy for men with erection problems. It is a non-invasive, comfortable, and non-surgical approach to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction. ED is a commonly occurring and ongoing problem in men ranging between 40-80 years of age. The p shot therapy is a better solution than traditional ed treatments. It provides very minimal to zero downtime. More than 90% of our patients reported an immediate improvement in their erection function. Some of them stated that the treatment helps in increasing the penis size. Due to its beneficial properties, more people are getting inclined toward p shot therapy.

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How p shots are obtained and what does it do to your body?

One of the best things about a P shot is that it is not that uncomplicated to obtain. There are no complicated laboratory arrangements or donors to concern about getting it. All that is required is two to three tablespoons of your blood from your arm. Specialists use a specialized centrifuge that extreats blood from your arm and then rotates the blood to isolate its elements according to density. Here the device siphons off the plasma along with the platelets.

After a rotation, obtained platelet-rich plasma along with red and white blood cells are reintroduced to your body with the help of an injection.

It assists your body to prevent it from feeling dizzy or weak as you might after simple blood donation. In addition, individuals who can not donate blood can still utilize their blood to generate a P shot. It continues until there is sufficient PRP to supply to the troublesome area. The fresh PRP is stuffed into a syringe and is ready to be introduced to boost healing. The whole process demands no more than 15 to 20 minutes. It may seem a horrifying task, but we ensure that the process is quite comfortable and virtually painless.

P shot delivers the power of platelets’ secondary attributes. Usually, the fundamental purpose of platelets is to encourage blood clotting and wound rehabilitation. Platelets will rush into the sight of a cut and release an enzyme that provokes your blood to clot. It is essential to block continuous bleeding. However, the platelets have another task to perform after halting the bleeding at the site.

Platelets deliver Platelet-derived Growth factors when there are multiple of them in a tiny section. This growth factor stimulates cell growth and replication while also indicating white blood cells to get in and clean up that stretch of your body. Thus, exhausted and spoiled cells are eliminated while brand new ones grasp their place.

By collecting platelets and introducing them, we trick the body into believing that a significant incident has occurred at the infection site. We initiate the healing mechanisms without producing any harm. It results in a restoration of the cells in that particular region.

Benefits of P-shot?

The P-Shot is for more than sexual function.

Though erectile dysfunction is a commonly occurring condition among men, it is not the only one you should be concerned about! Luckily, the P-Shot has demonstrated to conquer other health hazards like urinary incontinence and prostate pain. In some cases, specialists prescribe the P-Shot in alliance with other therapies like shockwave therapy to intensify its effectiveness. These novel methods help build tissue strength, durability, rigidity, and tone, presenting them as a compelling asset in combination with the P-Shot.


Experts also promote the Priapus Shot to fix Peyronie’s disease. It is a condition provoking a scar inside the penis that drives to painful and curved erections. This problem can induce significant pain and curves in the penis that can worsen over time. However, the P-Shot accommodates a 75-80% victory in straightening penile tissue when employed to counter Peyronie’s disease. The benefits are not limited to that only as the treatment also helps to promote circulation, health, and strength.

The P Shot is a surgery-free & drug-free solution.

Your P-Shot appointment with specialists at Sparc Center is relatively quick and comfortable. You may undergo mild discomfort when they draw blood from your arm. Otherwise, the rest of the treatment is comparatively comfortable.

A specialist applies a local anesthetic at the injection site before injecting PRP into your penis. It guarantees your comfort while receiving your P-Shot. Although many men regard instant benefits after having the Shot, it generally takes at least three to four weeks to witness changes with maximum effects around three months as healthy tissue generations to the area.

Best way to retrieve erectile function

Unlike surgical methods to tackle ED, P shot therapy displays no risks. First, you are free from surgical threats like the latent complexities of anesthesia. Moreover, since the Priapus shot originates from your own body, you do not have to worry about denial, allergic response, infection, or contamination.
Vascular reconstructive surgery is a treatment for ED that requires rerouting of arteries to the penis to enhance blood flow. This treatment is not only a highly invasive procedure, but it also entails a prolonged recovery period. Similarly, inserted devices to achieve an erection are effective but are challenging to implant. You will necessitate additional operations to fix the installation if anything goes wrong.

A Comfortable Treatment

Comfortable! How can it be painless where injections are involved? Does this query strike into your mind? So, we completely understand that you are doubtful on this one. After all, a needle into your penis seems quite frightening. But do not worry about it at all! Specialists at Sparc Center take exceptional efforts to lead the procedure and ensure you have no trouble or pain.
A local, topical anesthetic is administered to your genital region before injections are introduced. After this, we inject local anesthesia and numb the area inside and out entirely. Once done, only then do we deliver the P shot. Many sufferers enter the room nervously, only to step out smiling. The pressure of having an injection is only mental, not physical.

Free of Side Effects

Most ED or PE therapeutic approaches have some side effects. It is true of every surgical method and pharmaceutical medication. No doubt, such solutions have some dismissive side effects that induce harm to your body. From scars of surgery to the side effects of pills, there is some level of downside associated with tackling ED through other ways.

Here the P shot stood as a rule breaker. There are no scars, no perpetual tissue damage associated with the p shot, as the injection sites are minute. Your body has very little to recover from the procedure, as it does not require any incisions or implants. All PRP does is renovate your cells to their previous glory and beyond. So basically, it’s unlikely to harm yourself with a p shot procedure.


Uses for the P-Shot

The P-Shot is based on PRP therapy used for improving muscle and joint injuries. P shot therapy works wonders for tackling chronic health ailments. The P shot therapy helps in curing hair fall and reversing the facial signs of aging. P shot therapy helps both men and women to counter sexual dysfunction
For men, the P-Shot has been used as an alternative therapy in cases including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Peyronie disease
  • Penis enhancement
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • General sexual function, performance, & orgasm enhancement

 Feasible treatment for ED

This cutting-edge therapy triggers the natural healing process in your body to improve and strengthen your sexual function. The P-Shot is a regenerative therapy that utilizes growth factors in your blood to excite the healing in your penis. During this treatment, a specialist draws two to three tablespoons of your blood and spins it in a centrifuge machine. This process strengthens the healing elements in your blood into platelet-rich plasma (PRP). When p shot is applied into an area with dysfunction, it promotes the natural healing process. In the form of the P-Shot, an expert injects PRP straight into your penis utilizing a small syringe to regenerate muscle tissue and blood vessels. 

You can experience several benefits with the return of healthy tissue to your penis, including:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Enriched blood flow to the penis
  • Elevated sexual stamina
  • Firmer and durable erections
  • Grown length and girth of your penis

P shot therapy helps to fix sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer surgery.

Precautions during treatment

We suggest that you order transportation for the way back to your home. It may seem like you can drive, it is best to have someone else take you home for your own safety. Use loose, comfy clothes. You will demand to take it off, and tight clothes may be troublesome once the local anesthesia starts to wear off. Once the doctor has confirmed that it has been completely numbed, you will get many injections to your penis. When done, you have to wait for 30 minutes, and after that, you are free to go.


Any risks after treatment?

You can face some minor side effects from the shot that should wave off in about four to six days. These can be swelling, redness, and bruises at the site of the injection. Some rare complications like infection, scarring, and outbreaks of cold sores if you have a history of herpes simplex virus can occur. Talk to your doctor for a way out.

How pshot improve your sex life?

P shot helps in multiple ways to furnish you with better sex life. It counters ED by improving blood flow and nerve sensation that provides you stronger and more intense orgasms. You get higher stamina, more libido, and a more sensitive penis after the treatment. P shot therapy works alongside testosterone therapy. It helps with sexual function after prostate surgery and ultimately makes the penis longer and wider.

The GAINSWave™️ Procedure

Men who have erectile dysfunction, which is also known as ED, have a decision when it comes to treating this problem. They can try taking oral medication, but men who take other medications for medical issues like diabetes or heart disease may have interactions between the pills. However, they also have the option of trying the GAINSWave Procedure for their erectile dysfunction.


Sparc Enhance Rejuvenate

The Benefits are Great

For men who are having issues in the bedroom, there may be a solution to your problem. While many treatable medical issues can interfere with getting and sustaining erections, an innovative treatment called GAINSWave™ can get the blood flowing again, so you can improve your performance in the bedroom. Here are some of the benefits of GAINSWave™ that you can expect from the treatment.

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Is the Procedure Painful?
No! The P shot therapy is quite a comfortable procedure. Our specialists put remarkable efforts while carrying out your treatment and ensure you have no discomfort or pain.
Will I still Need Medications such as cialis or viagra?
Once the treatment is completed, you will not be dependent on meds like Cialis or viagra anymore. You can achieve erections on your own!
How do I know what is best for me?
When you visit Sparc Center, our expert will do some basic blood work to analyze your condition. After it, we will set a plan of action to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction. Unlike other ED medications which counter the symptoms, p-shot therapy is one of the best treatments for ED as it treats the root cause of your problem.