What is P shot treatment, and why is it used?

You might have heard about competitive athletes who had recovered from severe injuries overnight. Yes, no doubt it seems impossible or a miracle, but it is the truth. The name of that revolutionary treatment is PRP therapy. It comes in injection form. PRP is derived from your own blood. Many doctors encourage it for curing sports-related injuries as it offers zero downtime like surgery. The therapy appeared as a huge success. Many doctors promote its use as a cosmetic procedure to counter signs of aging, such as sunspots, crowfoot, and wrinkles. But is it an effective treatment option? This piece of information comprises everything you need to know about the P shot.


What is platelet-rich plasma?

The liquid part of your blood that is mostly made of protein & water is known as platelet-rich plasma. It helps the red and white blood cells and platelets migrate through the bloodstream. Platelets are a type of blood cell that is accountable for blood clotting. They play a significant role in boosting the natural healing process of your body. Researchers have pointed out that issues like sports-related injuries or harm to tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints are curable with P shot therapy. The treatment also shows beneficial effects for skin-related problems like signs of aging. Some studies suggest that PRP therapy is an effective way to counter underlying men’s sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction.

P shots or PRP is derived from your own blood. The extraction process starts with a simple blood draw from your arm. This blood is placed in a specialized centrifuge to isolate platelet-rich plasma from your other blood components. A specialist will numb the affected area with the help of a gel to reduce the discomfort associated. Not every patient feels pain. The numbing process is especially for those who are sensitive toward bearing pain. The numbing process is compulsory for facial rejuvenation and treating erectile dysfunction as these are more sensitive areas than the joints.

Once done, the doctor uses a syringe to introduce your plasma into the affected area of your body. For instance, let us say for men enduring erectile dysfunction or for women suffering from menopausal symptoms, a P shot is introduced in several locations of your genital area accordingly. Your specialist can also opt for an ultrasound tech to ensure the treatment goes flawlessly. It usually takes around 30 minutes to complete the procedure. But remember, it can fluctuate depending on the location and the severity of the problem. Once done, the platelets break down and release growth factors. This growth factor is accountable for cell repair and renewal. Ultimately, it helps to trigger your body’s natural healing process.

What is the P-Shot used for?

P shot therapy has shown promising results in the treatment of various underlying ailments. PRP injection helps you get over issues like erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction in females, arthritis-related pain, joint problems, torn tendons, and muscle injuries. Due to their several medicinal properties, they are becoming more popular for cosmetic procedures like facial rejuvenation. For instance, dermatologists and hair replacement specialists practice P shots to reverse a type of hair fall condition known as androgenic alopecia, widely recognized as male or female pattern baldness.
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This condition strikes more than 40 men and women across the globe. The desire to stay young forever is now possible with p shot therapy. You may have heard of a facial skin rejuvenation treatment called a vampire facial. More and more people are inclined to it as the treatment lets them look, feel, and live young. Most men with erection problems used to endure the condition in silence due to the shame. The success rate of P shot therapy is granting hope to them. It hits a success rate of more than 70-80% for treating men who experience erectile dysfunction. Men who have not responded to ED medication yet can generate erections with this latest boom in medical science.

How does the Priapus Shot work?

Though it is a comparatively new treatment, it has demonstrated advantageous properties in treating several underlying health conditions. Researchers are going on to know what else these miracle shots can help men with! Research confirms that it promotes healing after injury or surgery for certain conditions, like torn tendons. In addition to treating injured tissue, researchers have seen its benefits in tackling underlying sexual health concerns for both men and women. P shot appears to conquer hair loss problems in individuals with male or female pattern baldness. Though research on its facial rejuvenation therapy is quite limited, individuals who have undergone treatment reported that the P shot treatment erases visible signs of aging. So, the results speak for themselves. You can get over facial wrinkles and sagging skin with Priapus Shot therapy. The treatment can consume several weeks to demonstrate effects. It varies from person to person. For some underlying infirmities, especially those concerning hair loss or sagging skin, it may take up to 6 months to show the desired outcomes. Men undergoing erectile dysfunction can see immediate results after their very first therapeutic session. But remember, it varies from person to person. Some men may get erections to work with their first therapy, and some may get desired effects after 4 or 6 treatments. The results of treatment remain for at least two years. You may require a shot per year after the procedure to sustain your erections.

How is P-Shot therapy better than other traditional methods?

For joints

Unlike traditional methods of treating joint pain, P shot therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Unlike painkillers used to cope with joint pain, it immediately helps restore mobility without any side effects medicine produces. Unlike surgical options, P shot therapy offers minimal to zero recovery time. You can resume your daily regimen immediately after the procedure finishes.

PRP For joints
PRP For joints

For hair loss

Unlike traditional hair transplant surgeries, P shot therapy grants more notable results. The treatment boosts the natural healing process of your body. You do not have to use any medications to get visible results. It does not induce any rejections or infections like transplant therapy for hair fall.

Facelift treatment

Unlike traditional hair transplant surgeries, P shot therapy grants more notable results. The treatment boosts the natural healing process of your body. You do not have to use any medications to get visible results. It does not induce any rejections or infections like transplant therapy for hair fall.


For sexual dysfunction

Both men and women can get a better sexual experience with P shot therapy. Unlike traditional medications, P shot therapy shows immediate effects without provoking any severe side effects. Several men reported experience in the size of their organs.

Who is an ideal candidate for the therapy?

P shot therapy is suitable for men of all ages. P shot can especially benefit people enduring joint pain problems, hair loss, need to get younger looks, and those experiencing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is an underlying men’s sexual health condition that affects 1 out of every two men between the ages of 35 and 65 at some point in their lives. The treatment can benefit with ED regardless of whether it is a new issue or something you have been struggling with for years. P shot therapy is one of the most effective treatments and shows results immediately. P shot therapy can help men who are troubled with erection problems and do not respond to other ED treatments. The treatment is safe to go for, and it does not endorse any severe side effects. P shot therapy can help people having serious injuries.

P shot therapy may be particularly beneficial for those who have lost erectile function due to specific health issues. For example, those with Peyronie’s disease have plaque development that creates a bend or curvature in the penis, making their intimate life painful or impossible.

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Erectile dysfunction is also one of the most common signs among men undergoing neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disorder and multiple sclerosis (MS). These conditions are marked by continuous harm to the nerves, some of which are affiliated with the erectile response.

Diabetes and blood sugar fluctuations can also direct to nerve degeneration in the penis. High cholesterol causes shortening of the blood vessels and hardening of the arteries. These ailments can hinder blood flow to the penis. Your doctor may have suggested some lifestyle changes to oppose these issues, but if those have not been sufficient to have a decisive effect on your sexual health, you are suitable for the P shot treatment.

Benefits of P shot treatment.


ll, p shot therapy has demonstrated many significant benefits for our patients. Here are some of the top benefits you can foresee from this cutting-edge treatment:

  • Safe therapeutic approach

Unlike surgical methods to tackle ED or joint pains, PRP therapy brings no such risks to you. First, you are independent of the complications of the surgery, including the potential complexities of anesthesia. Furthermore, as the P shot is derived from your own blood, you are free of seizing any rejection, allergic reaction, or contamination.

Vascular reconstructive surgery is an ED treatment that includes deflecting arteries to the penis to promote blood flow. It is a highly invasive procedure that demands a long recovery time. Similarly, rooted devices to obtain an erection are effective but are challenging to interpolate. You will necessitate additional surgeries to fix the installation if anything goes wrong.

  • Provides Long-Lasting Erections

Your penis has cells that serve as valves to hold the blood inside. P shot treatments reestablish the purpose of these cells, furnishing you with longer-lasting erections. If you are experiencing premature ejaculation along with ED, you will probably observe an enhancement in your sexual stamina after P shot treatment.

  • Furnish you with Stronger, Harder Erections

The prime thing patients may notify, these harder erections are evident the very next morning of your treatment. As the penile cells receive more blood, they deliver a much stronger erection.
This result is one of the most eminent. However, it doesn’t indicate that your erection is first to disappear. Although the interests of the P Shot do recede over time, most sufferers find that their erections sustain their strength for at least a year after the therapy.

  • A gain in Penis Size

Did you know that P-shot treatments can accelerate your cells’ performance and can pass their natural standard? It indicates your cells can receive even more blood than they did earlier.
Although not every individual reaches a gain in size, many have noticed that their partners marked a difference. Size can increase up to an inch in vertical length and possibly half an inch in girth.

  • A pain-free Treatment

Yes yes! It is a bit hard to believe as injections are involved in the procedure. So if you are suspicious about this one, we understand. An injection into your penis seems quite frightening. But we put exceptional efforts to ensure you do not notice any discomfort or pain.
A local, topical anesthetic is administered to your genital region before any injections occur. Once you receive a numbing effect, we introduce a local anesthetic to numb the whole section, both inside and out. Only then do we apply the P shot. Several individuals enter the room nervously and only walk out laughing. The stress you may have before the procedure is only mental, not physical.

  • No Side Effects

Most ED or premature ejaculation remedies produce some trade-offs. Well, that is true of every surgical method and pharmaceutical solution. These sorts of procedures have some severe side effects that induce harm to your body. See, here is the thing, regardless of some surgical marks or side effects of the pill, there is some degree of reduction, including reversing ED through other procedures.
P shot therapy breaks out all these rules. The injection sites are very small. It signifies there are no cuts and no permanent tissue loss or harm involved in the ongoing treatment. Your body takes very little to recover from the treatment as there are no incisions or implants required. And, as we have demonstrated earlier, all PRP does is renovate your cells to their previous glory and beyond. So basically, it is impossible to damage yourself with P shot treatment.

What Benefits Can You Expect After the treatment?

First, you should understand that individual results can vary. Most patients receive one or more of the following benefits after the treatment:

  • Improved penile blood flow
  • Heightened sexual pleasure
  • Raised sensitivity
  • Stronger erections
  • More frequent and sustained erections
  • Grown firmness
  • Ameliorated stamina
  • Reduced “down time” between erections
  • More limited chances of premature ejaculation
  • Improvement in urinary lechery
  • Fewer prostate concerns
  • Limits plaque development
  • Refined skin texture and appearance
  • Increased length and girth
  • Better intimacy for you and your partner
  • Decreases the dependency on ED medications

Potential side effects and complications

There are few, and only minor potential side effects of P shot as it is obtained from your own blood. These involve minor bleeding or bruising, swelling. Infection occurs in very rare cases.
Specialists at Sparc Center are dedicated to improving male sexual health with a drug-free option. For men troubled with sexual dysfunction of enduring pain in joints, p shots treatment may now provide a better solution. The Sparc Center is a well-recognized and highly likable men’s sexual health care clinic. We take a proactive approach to boost men’s sexual wellness.

The GAINSWave™️ Procedure

Men who have erectile dysfunction, which is also known as ED, have a decision when it comes to treating this problem. They can try taking oral medication, but men who take other medications for medical issues like diabetes or heart disease may have interactions between the pills. However, they also have the option of trying the GAINSWave Procedure for their erectile dysfunction.


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The Benefits are Great

For men who are having issues in the bedroom, there may be a solution to your problem. While many treatable medical issues can interfere with getting and sustaining erections, an innovative treatment called GAINSWave™ can get the blood flowing again, so you can improve your performance in the bedroom. Here are some of the benefits of GAINSWave™ that you can expect from the treatment.

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Does the P-shot increase size?

Yes, it is quite possible. P shot therapy can help with increasing penis size and girth for some men.

How many P-shots can you get?

One therapy produces effects that are competent for most men. If the erectile function is critically damaged, improvements may be satisfactory after two to four treatments and are beneficial to obtain desired results.

How long does the P-shot take to work?

Well, the effects vary from person to person. The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes, but you should plan on being in the office for about an hour. Since no insertions are required, there is zero recovery time. You’ll be up and walking around the same day and continue to have sexual intercourse that night.