Why is Pshot treatment better than alternatives?


PRP is an abbreviation used for Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. PRP is an emerging technology and method to cure sports-related injuries, but it delivers promising outcomes for the individual enduring the injury. Doctors have now been prescribing PRP to counter sexual dysfunction in both Men and Women. PRP has been around since the mid-1990s in dental and oral operations. The regenerative properties of PRP aid in soft tissue regeneration after plastic surgery.

Let us first understand what is sexual dysfunction

Defining sexual health is a challenging task, as individuals have set numerous standards for describing optimal sexual health. Here is Sparc Center’s definition of sexual health:
t is the strength to espouse and enjoy our intimate relationships throughout our lives. It is a crucial piece of our physical and emotional well-being. Being sexually active can be best defined as:

doctors suggest
  • Knowing that intimacy is a natural asset of life and includes more than sexual function.
  • Understanding and considering the sexual freedoms we all share.
  • Getting sexual well-being information, education, and care.
  • Creating an effort to counter unintended pregnancies STD and seek medical assistance and treatment when required.
  • Being able to endure Sexual intimacy, pleasure, and satisfaction when desired.
  • Being able to talk about sexual well-being with others, including your partner and your health care provider.

If you are one of them experiencing sexual dysfunction, then do not worry at all. You are not alone. More than three million men are experiencing sexual dysfunction in the USA only. The troublesome thing here is that this number is on the rise. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual dysfunction problems in men. Men often face erection problems at some point in their life. If you are struggling to gain or hold an erection for the last few months, go to a physician immediately. It can be a root cause for numerous other health concerns.

The latest buzzword in medical science that is fetching the attention of many physicians is PRP therapy. It helps some men to counter erectile dysfunction immediately after their procedure. Specialists have considered that the P shot therapy is much more beneficial than the traditional treatment for ed. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to help men enduring erectile dysfunction.

Let us find out how p shots are more beneficial than the traditional methods. To know that lets us see how P shot therapy works.

P shot therapy, which consumes roughly twenty minutes to complete, starts with the collection of 30 milliliters of your own blood. The extracted blood sample is placed in a specialized centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma from the other segments of whole blood. Centrifuge rotates blood at high frequency for the separation process of p shot. Experts then introduce the concentrated platelets into the troublesome area. Scientists sometimes administer P shots using ultrasound guidance to maintain accuracy.

PRP For joints

Platelets work as a natural pool for growth factors that are essential to improve the spoiled tissues of your penis. The growth factors that the platelets secrete excite tissue healing by boosting collagen production, intensifying tendon stem cell proliferation, and tenocyte-related gene and protein composition. These growth factors also spur blood flow and make the cartilage more sturdy and flexible.

P shot stimulates tenocytes to proliferate speedily and generate collagen to repair damaged nerves of the penis. It is a simple and painless procedure. Yea-yea, it seems to be impossible, but yes, introducing a P shot to the penis is painless. Specialists at Sparc Center take great pain so that you might not experience any discomfort during the procedure. While introducing the injection to the penis, the specialist applies anesthesia both inside-out. Once the affected area is numbed, the specialist administers a P shot to various sectors of the penis to stimulate blood flow to the penis. This whole process helps you to gain and hold a firm erection for your intimate time.

PRP For joints

Why doctors recommended

Specialists are more inclined to opt for the P shot therapy to reverse erectile dysfunction effects as p shot is a non-invasive/non-surgical approach to treatment. P shot therapy offers several benefits to men experiencing ed. Here are some of the benefits of P shot treatment:

The safest way for ed

Unlike surgical or remedial methods to counter ED, P shot therapy produces no harmful hazards to you. First, you are free from the threats of surgery, including the potential complexities of anesthesia. Furthermore, since the PRP develops from your blood, you need not bother about any rejection, allergic reaction, or contamination.

Vascular reconstructive operation is an ED treatment that requires rerouting arteries to the penis to promote blood flow. Not only is the process extremely invasive, but it also entails a profound downtime. Furthermore, inserted methods to obtain an erection are effective but are usually difficult to insert. You would require additional surgeries to correct the installation if anything goes wrong.

Ensures Long Lasting Erections

Your penis has cells that work as valves to hold the blood inside. P shot therapy recovers the function of these cells, furnishing you with longer-lasting erections. If you are experiencing premature ejaculation along with ED, you will probably observe an enhancement in your sexual stamina after P shot treatment. 

Furnish You With more Stronger, Harder Erections

One of the first things you will discover is the harder erections visible the very next morning of your treatment. As the cells consume extra blood, they provide a much firmer erection.

This result is one of the most paramount. However, it does not imply it is the first to disappear. Although the advantages of the P Shot wane off over time, most patients find that their erections keep their strength for at least a year after the p shot therapy.

The gain in Penis Size is possible.

Any men who have not responded to Did you know that P shot treatment can stimulate your cell’s performance previous to their natural standard? Your cells can grasp even more blood than they did earlier as a result of p shot. Although not every victim gets a gain in the penis size, many have stated that their partners mentioned a difference. An increase in the penis size can vary to an inch in erect length and probably half an inch in girth.shot therapy for ed if you smoke excessively. It is because the results may not be that effective as in the case of nonsmokers. Men with active infection or active cancer should not opt for the therapy as it will not furnish them with successful results.


Minimal To Zero Side Effects

Most ED or premature ejaculation therapies have some side effects. It is valid for each surgical approach and pharmaceutical solution. Unavoidably, these sorts of treatments have some harsh side effects that produce harm to your body. Whether it is the scar marks due to surgery or the side effects of a pill, there is some level of loss included in operating ED through other methods.

But the p shot treatment for ed breaks all the rules. The p shot injections sites are minute, implying there are no scars and no perpetual tissue harm. Since there are no cuts, insertions, or implants, your body has very little to get over after the treatment. All PRP does is replace your cells to their previous state and beyond.

Because of these benefits of p shot treatment, more and more sexologists are prescribing p shot therapy to counter the effects of erectile dysfunction.


Why it is better

As discussed the advantages of p shot treatment above, it is more beneficial than going for surgery. Unlike surgical or remedial approaches to counter ED, P shot therapy does not produce any dangerous risks to your health. You would not get any cuts or insertions like surgical treatments. Furthermore, you will not face any dependency like the pills for erectile dysfunction. The treatment provides immediate effects and means you will attain erections the very next day of your treatment. Since the P shots are obtained from your own blood, you do not have to worry about rejection, allergic reaction, or contamination. Just two to four sittings are required to attain desired results. How cool is that!

If you are undergoing premature ejaculation along with ED, you will probably witness an improvement in your sexual potency after P shot treatment. Once you get your p shot treatment, the cells consume extra blood and provide a much firmer erection. You can probably notice a gain in your penis size after the treatment.

Side effects

As we discussed, there are no possible side effects of the P-Shot in most patients. You may feel minimal soreness at the shot site that only stays a couple of hours. Men remark on stronger and larger erections almost right away after the treatment. Our specialist can provide you information about when it is safe to turn to your usual sexual pursuits. Our experts can register your follow-up procedures for the P-Shot since the effects can last up to two to three years. After that, you can visit for a shot per year to maintain the results or sustain your erections.

During treatment

You are not required to do anything particular to get ready for this treatment.

You may need to get a physical or a set of laboratory blood examinations to monitor your overall well-being if you have not previously done so in the prior year. Ensuring you have healthy blood, plasma, and platelets is essential. During your treatment, your physician will apply a cream or ointment that numbs the genital area. Or you will get a local anesthetic that numbs the area around it. Then he will take a blood sample from your body. After that, he will put the testing tube containing your blood in a centrifuge for a few minutes to isolate the segments of your blood and separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The extracted PRP is loaded into a syringe and administered into your penial reason. It will take a few minutes to complete the procedure with four to five separate injections. Once done, you are good to go any place you like. You can probably go back home in an hour or less afterward.

After the treatment

Recovery is relatively quicker than the traditional methods of treating erectile dysfunction. You can get back to normal activities, like work or school, the very same day or the next. Avoid having intimacy for a couple of days after the treatment to avoid infecting the injection sites.

The GAINSWave™️ Procedure

Men who have erectile dysfunction, which is also known as ED, have a decision when it comes to treating this problem. They can try taking oral medication, but men who take other medications for medical issues like diabetes or heart disease may have interactions between the pills. However, they also have the option of trying the GAINSWave Procedure for their erectile dysfunction.


Sparc Enhance Rejuvenate

The Benefits are Great

For men who are having issues in the bedroom, there may be a solution to your problem. While many treatable medical issues can interfere with getting and sustaining erections, an innovative treatment called GAINSWave™ can get the blood flowing again, so you can improve your performance in the bedroom. Here are some of the benefits of GAINSWave™ that you can expect from the treatment.

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How successful is the P shot?

P shot for erectile dysfunction hits the success rate of more than 90%. The treatment is feasible with other ed treatments and also magnifies their effectiveness.

Any side effects of P shot?

Since the P shot is acquired from your own body, it offers a little to no risk of an allergic response and no known side effects. The treatment is a simple in-office procedure. It takes not more than 30 minutes to complete, and there is little or no recovery time. You can notice an initial pinchy or warm sensation with the lidocaine part, but overall there are no significant discomforts or pains involved.

How fast can I see the results?

The results are quick. You can achieve erections on the very next morning of your treatment. But the desired effects can be noticed after 3 to 6 months of the initial procedure and can hold them for 2 to 4 years. You can get a shot per year to sustain the effects of the treatment.