Prices for treatments at SPARC vary depending on the package chosen. The number of treatments in your package will differ based on your individual goals, but can typically range from six to twelve treatments. The benefits of the treatment are scientifically proven to last for two to three years, which brings the average monthly cost of our treatments to less than $20 per month! Preventative maintenance and performance packages are also available to help you maintain your results and truly optimize your sexual performance.

SPARC Treatment Packages

Your SPARC Professional will help you determine which package will best meet your health and wellness goals by developing an in-depth, personalized treatment program. Contact us for your FREE, no-obligation consultation!

Treatment Type Pulse Technology Drug Drug Drug
Number of Treatments 6 On-Going On-Going On-Going
Lifespan of Results Up to Year Up to 2 Hours Up to 2 Hours Up to 2 Hours
Immediate Resuts
Creates Firm Erection
Have Sex Multiple Times Daily
Long-Term Results
No Side Effects
No Pills
No Pre-Planning for Sex
Ready at a Moment’s Notice
Increases Sensation
Increases Intensity
Increases Volume
Increases Girth
Long-Term Results for ED
Works Well for Peyronie’s Disease
Works Well for Diabetes
Introduces Chemical Into Body
Body Becomes Immune to Treatment
Priapism Dangers

Who Can Get It?

Your doctor or nurse will help determine if this procedure could work for you. Men both on and off testosterone replacement, those with diabetes, young and old, can often benefit from the Priapus Shot procedure. The procedure could lead to lower doses of erectile meds but may not always allow their discontinuation. Smokers may get fewer results. Size improvements occur less reliably.


Peyronie’s Disease

Research showed that all 7 steps of the Priapus Shot protocol for treating Peyronie’s Disease can often lead to dramatic improvement with a straighter, firmer erection. The Priapus Shot procedure uses science shown by research to:

  • Decrease inflammation
  • increase circulation
  • Remodel scar tissue

Sparc can tailor this protocol for you.

Results can vary from person to person, and no procedure works for all people.

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