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peyronie’s Disease Treatment Columbus

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in Columbus

Usually, most problems involving the inability to achieve an erection is erectile dysfunction. However, about 0.5 to 20 percent of men have something called Peyronie’s Disease. This disease leads to a curvature in penises, painful erections, and it can be painful to engage in sex. Fortunately, GAINSWave™️ therapy can help eliminate the pain associated with Peyronie’s Disease.

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?
The cause of Peyronie’s Disease isn’t substantiated, but many doctors, such as those at The SPARC Center, believe it is due to injury during vigorous sex or from other activities that cause trauma to the penis. Due to the injury, plaques, or scar tissue, form in the penis. Usually, these plaques gather on the dorsal or top side of the penis and can cause it to bend upwards during an erection.


Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Our doctors at The SPARC Center, can examine their patients to determine if they have Peyronie’s Disease. It occurs in about six out of 100 men between the ages of 40 and 70. However, due to trauma, it can also occur in younger men. The symptoms of this disease include:

  • A penis that develops a bend or curve
  • Lumps in the penis
  • Erections that cause pain
  • Trouble getting or sustaining erections
  • Shrinking or shortening of the penis

This disease can take a toll on men because 75 out of 100 men who have it reports feeling depressed about their condition.

Peyronie’s Treatment Columbus

Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

5-10% of men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, and it’s becoming an increasingly common problem according to discussions in the medical community. Peyronie’s disease symptoms can range in severity but can worsen over time or appear rapidly. The most frequently reported symptoms include:

  • Bent or curved penis
  • Erectile Dysfunction- difficulty getting or maintaining an erection
  • Pain with or without an erection
  • Lumps (Plaque) under the skin
  • Penis shortening

A penis problem that usually occurs due to scar tissue, known as plaque. This scar is formed inside the penis. This scar tissue causes a bent to the penis. Rather than an erect or straight penis, the penis forms an arch when fully erect. A man going through this underlying sexual ailment finds trouble in having a straight erection if the plaque occurs inside the penis.

Yet, specialists are not able to understand why this underlying condition of men’s sexual health occurs. But numerous researchers believe that the fibrous plaque can start after a trauma, such as bending or hitting of the penis, which can further cause bleeding inside the penis. The bent in the penis is quite noticeable. But if ignored and does not go for peyronie’s Disease Treatment Columbus, then it can be a worse situation further. Peyronie disease further leads to another underlying sexual ailment like erectile dysfunction. Men going through Peyronie’s disease can face a very uncomfortable or painful experience while making out with their partner. Peyronie’s disease symptoms may develop slowly, or it can suddenly appear overnight. One can observe the symptoms when the penis is not firm or erected. But in severe cases, the hardened plaque hampers flexibility, and leads an individual to feel severe pain that results in bending of the penis, and it may look like an arc when erect.

Genetics can be one of the reasons behind the problem. At Sparc Center, we have seen many cases where both the injuries and genes could be involved in this condition of men’s sexual problems. Our top-notch Peyronie disease specialists are helping individuals to combat such sexual illness.

Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

The treatments that our doctors can offer men with Peyronie’s disease include breaking up plaques with the GAINSWave procedure. This procedure utilizes shockwave therapy to break-up plaques in the penis to help reduce pain when achieving an erection or having sex. This therapy can also help resolve erectile dysfunction in most men.If you suspect you might have Peyronie’s Disease, contact our men clinic near you in Columbus, OH, to find out about getting it diagnosed and treated with the GAINSWave procedure.


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GAINSWave For Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s Disease (PD) is a condition where scar tissue (plaque) develops under the skin surface of the penis, causing it to bend or curve during erections. It can cause significant pain and sexual dysfunction in men. Plaque that develops can be the result of trauma, penile injections, genetics, or an unknown cause.

To date, treatment options have been limited. GAINSWave therapy provides a breakthrough solution addressing all aspects of Peyronie’s Disease. Research shows the science behind GAINSWave, shockwave therapy, can be a safe and effective treatment option. Doctors in Europe and around the globe have been utilizing shockwave therapy and analyzing its effectiveness for treating these symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease in clinical trials (EAU). It has shown considerable progress in reducing the pain associated with PD as well as eliminating the scar tissue and plaque buildup that causes Peyronie’s.

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