Men who are dealing with the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) will often find it hard to maintain an erection and have great sex. This condition is treatable, however, now that we have medical procedures such as the P-shot. It stands for the Priapus Shot and SPARC Medical Center has them available for your benefit. We’re amedical center based out of Columbus, Ohio with a highly experienced staff that will help you overcome ED symptoms and make you feel like yourself again. SPARC is led by the excellent Dr. Samantha Neuwirth, who is a specialized male enhancement doctor. P-Shots involve the use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy and Dr. Neuwirth will guide you through the process and make sure you are well informed of what’s involved. If you want to learn more about what we offer to our patients, call (614)-453-5142. In the meantime, we’ll give you some insight into how P-Shot therapy works and what you can expect from SPARC’s services.   

How Does the P-Shot Work?

To manufacture a P-Shot, platelet-rich plasma is collected from your blood after being separated in a centrifuge device. This plasma is then reinjected into the erectile tissue area, where it heals the tissue, allowing more blood to flow through. This leads to better erections and sensations in the penis. Some medical centers may provide you a penis pump afterward. The procedure itself is generally painless, short, and requires no surgery. After collecting the plasma for the P-Shot, it is usually injected into the shaft or head of the penis. No recovery time is needed and men can expect full results in about 2-3 months. Patients can generally move on with daily activities afterward but should avoid sexual and intensive physical activity for a few days.  

How Long Does the Effect Last? 

The effects of a P-Shot can be long lasting, but additional treatments may be needed, depending on your overall health. While other treatments for erectile dysfunction exist, we believe the P-Shot can deliver the best results most safely. Moreover, it is minimally invasive and uses platelets from your own body to heal and improve the function of your penis.   Before consulting with us, you should always speak with your doctor first about any medical complications that may interfere with the procedure. Patients undergoing hormone therapy may find an additional benefit to this treatment should they choose to participate. As long as you’re relatively healthy and live a well-balanced lifestyle, you’ll find you can have the effects of a P-Shot last for a long time. Again, speak with us if you notice the effects are going away. We’ll provide you with more injections if needed.    

What is the Cost of a P-Shot?

P-Shots and PRP Therapy are elective treatments that are unfortunately not always covered by health insurance plans. An average cost of a P-Shot is around $683, which doesn’t take into account the costs of prep, equipment, instruments, and facility care. We have fair prices for the treatments we offer and can discuss fair payment plans to suit your needs and current situation. SPARC provides the most innovative therapies and health rejuvenation for men who are seeking to better themselves. We want both men and women to feel their best with our help.  

Want to Know More? SPARC is Here to Help

SPARC is actively looking for new patients to add to our clientele. We want to help you reach your peak health performance and help you feel your best. To book an appointment with us, call our number at (614)-453-5142. Feel free to also send us an email to or use our handy contact formcontact form to send us your thoughts, questions, or concerns.